Roof sandwich panels

Roofing composite panels are definitely the future of construction in both single-family and industrial terms. Technology of construction with the use of composite panels is still gaining popularity.

Kingspan panels - lots of advantages

"When building a home or industrial facility, it needs to be safe first and foremost, while also looking attractive. Roof composite panels provide just such an opportunity. They are characterized by robust construction, which provides high resistance not only to weather conditions, but also protects against fire. What is more, composite roof panels available in our shop are characterized by high insulation properties. This reduces heat loss from the interior. It is also worth mentioning the possibility to choose from many patterns and colors of layered roof panels. Kingspan offers two basic types when it comes to composite roof panels. The first type is composite roof panels, which are filled with mineral wool inside. The second is a board with a QuadCore foam core, which is of excellent quality in terms of insulation. In both cases, the roof composite panel can be used on a sloping or flat roof. Moreover, both types of roof panels are characterized by quick installation."

Bet on quality

"Kingspan roof composite panels have insulation inside, so they no longer require separate insulation with mineral wool or foil. So it is an excellent solution for shortening the time of construction works. Moreover, the roof composite panel from Kingspan stands out: excellent thermal insulation conditions of the roof structure due to its low lambda coefficient value, caring for the environment - we do not use poisonous gases in our construction, we provide a guarantee for the lifespan of the material's thermal insulation properties - for up to 40 years! It should also be added that you will also find a wide range of accessories such as skylights, support beams or insulated gutter systems. Check Kingspan price list now! As you can see, roof composite panels available in our offer are definitely a solution worth considering. We encourage you to take a closer look at our offer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us - we will be happy to answer all your questions."
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