High-performance composite panels and accesories

Kingspan offers composite panels for walls and roofs which are characterized by perfect parameters. Lightweight and easy to install wall and roof elements, accessories, as well as refrigeration accessories such as cold rooms and doors. All this at competitive prices.

Roof and wall composite panels

Composite panels are an extremely economical material that has excellent thermal insulation parameters. Both our roof composite panels and wall models are perfect for the construction of large projects requiring quick implementation. Our roof and wall composite panels are the highest quality components combined with the latest manufacturing technologies. It is also worth noting that the panels offered by our company are characterized by low weight, good strenght and thermal insulation properties. Thus, they will also be perfect for the construction of freezers or cold stores. Complexity is the key in the construction of modern industrial buildings. Therefore, in our offer you will also find various types of accessories for composite panels. These include:

• flashings,
• prefabricated corners,
• covering strips,
• blinds,
• natural light systems.

Accessories for refrigeration

We also offer products for temperature controlled environments from -35 Celsius degrees for cold stores and freezers and at an internal temperature of +16 Celsius degrees for hotels, offices and restaurants. Kinspan, among other things, offers also cold rooms which are indispensable in the food production, catering and hotel industries. The chambers thaht can be found in our offer are adapted to all requirements of the commercial and industrial sector, and their main advantages are:

• low energy consumption,
• low life cycle cost,
• high standard of workmanship,
• simple installation.

It should also be added that the quaility and durability of our products are confirmed by numerous test and certificates. The accessories we offer for refrigeration also includes a wide range of specially adapted doors. They are characterized by careful workmanship and high quality materials used in the production process. In our offer you can find hinged and sliding, cooling and freezing doors. Such a large selection allows us to satisfy even the most demanding customer. We encourage everyone interested in our products to take a closer look at what we offer. If you have any questions, please contact us – we are happy to help and will try to answer any questions.

Refrigerated Freezer Doors

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